It’s cold – it’s “crypto winter”

A discussion about the dynamic world of crypto

It’s cold – it’s “crypto winter”

We are currently experiencing turbulent times that are also being reflected in the price of cryptocurrencies. This was the topic of discussion between Marc Jäggi, Head Moderation at Radio 1, and our distinguished experts Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, Head Investment Management, and Milko G. Hensel, Head Digital Partnerships, who spoke just a few hours before the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision.

Take a look, listen in and get up to speed on the so-called “crypto winter” (or is it “just” a bear market?): What are the effects? And what are the benefits? (Yes, you read the last question correctly!) You will also find out which projects are keeping the dynamic world of crypto on its toes and which services you can expect from Maerki Baumann in this area in the near future. (only available in German)

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Interest in digital assets is high despite the current bear market. However, investors need to be aware of the risks they are taking in the dynamic world of crypto.

Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, Head Investment Management

The share of institutional investors who are investing in digital assets has increased noticeably. Their behaviour in the current bear market is more detached and less agitated, meaning that volatility is slightly lower.

Milko G. Hensel, Head Digital Partnerships


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