Autor: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

Without a swift end to the war, a prolonged period of high volatility is likely.

Market Comment, May 2022

Author: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

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Equity markets more fragile once again

Geopolitical uncertainties are unlikely to vanish even with negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, global economic growth is slowing and historically high inflation is forcing the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to adopt a more restrictive monetary policy.

Market Comment

Impact of the Ukraine war on the global economy

The financial markets hope that the Ukraine conflict will soon be replaced by “business as usual”. They appear to have got used to the war, as it has not escalated any further to date. Nevertheless, the current state of the conflict, which could last for an extended period, is set to keep inflation historically high. What does it mean for corporate profits and the global economy?

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Digital assets – today and tomorrow

The quest for assets that enjoy inherent protection against inflation is increasingly raising investor awareness of the world of digital assets (cryptocurrencies and tokens). For example, Bitcoin has recorded an impressive rise of around 500% since the stock markets hit bottom in March 2020 – and this already includes the sharp setback in May 2021. But: How will things play out over the remainder of this investment year?

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May 2022 – 90 years of active entrepreneurship: This is Maerki Baumann’s story in a nutshell. It begins with the drive and vigour of the founder Friedrich Maerki and extends to the strategic foresight demonstrated by the siblings Hans G. Syz-Witmer and Dr Carole Schmied-Syz. As shareholders and in their roles as Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, they have been devoted to ensuring the independence and successful further development of our private bank for more than 20 years. You can find various facts as well as anecdotes in our latest edition of “Journal”. You will also learn directly from our owners how a 90-year-old company succeeds in combining tradition with an innovative spirit.

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