Autor: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

Mehr Schwankungen an den amerikanischen Finanzmärkten würden uns nicht überraschen.

Market Comment, May 2023

Author: Gérard Piasko, Chief Investment Officer

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The central banks face a dilemma

Our May investment policy: Central banks will slowly but surely find themselves facing a dilemma. While they currently still have to prioritise fighting inflation, which remains too high, both the financial system and the global economy are showing initial signs that a monetary overkill may also pose a threat in addition to rising prices.

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Decentralised finance (DeFi): the financial system of the future?

Decentralised finance, or “DeFi” for short, is on everyone’s lips. While some expect the new decentralised financial system to replace the traditional industry logic, others believe it is nothing more than hype and will vanish again. Only time will tell whether DeFi actually becomes an alternative financial system. However, it is certainly worth looking into already.

Maerki Baumann - Privatbank - Zürich - Journal - April 2023


April 2023 - In addition to being Switzerland’s most important financial centre, Zurich also offers a rich cultural and social life. The family of the two owners of our private bank Maerki Baumann & Co. AG, Hans G. Syz-Witmer and Dr Carole Schmied-Syz, plays an active role here in some respects. Our ties to Zurich are also firmly anchored in our bank’s corporate culture and values. In this edition of Maerki Baumann’s “Journal” magazine, Chairman of the Board of Directors Hans Syz provides an insight into the world of guilds that he was born into. Find out more about his efforts in the latest edition of the Journal.

Cover photo: Keystone-SDA / EQ Images / Moritz Hager

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