Trust has a future

You can't buy trust, you have to earn it:
Our long-standing client relationships show that we live up to our claim: Trust has a future.

Vertrauen ist das Fundament

Trust is the foundation.

We cultivate honest and partnership-based collaboration with our clients. A focus on client needs is firmly enshrined in our corporate culture. It is consistently applied by our committed employees. The long-term outlook of the owner family underscores our independence and creates security.

Vertrauen braucht Zeit

Trust takes time.

For us, it is not short-term success but the sustainable development of the client's assets that lies at the heart of what we do. We listen with a view to properly understanding the concerns and wishes of our clients. When looking after clients, continuity and farsightedness are crucial to us. For that reason, we consciously seek to look after future generations too.

Vertrauen verlangt nach Individualität.

Trust requires individuality.

As a modern Swiss private bank, we are flexible. Our services are personal, as well as being tailored to the individual client relationship. The decision not to develop or sell our own products promotes credibility and allows us to take the client's view. Our investment solutions are modular – and are just as individual as our clients themselves.

Vertrauen erfordert Leistung.

Trust demands performance.

We are there for our clients as reliable partners for all questions relating to assets and investment. At the same time, we concentrate on our core competencies and combine the tried-and-trusted with the innovative. We proactively draw on the values of our family-owned company and Switzer-land's locational advantages. And we provide our services as a team.

Best Swiss Private Bank 2021

Bilanz Private Banking Rating 2021

In 2021, the business magazine “Bilanz” again named Maerki Baumann the best Swiss private bank. This success reflects the quality and consistency of our approach to client support and investment advice. We emerged successful from each phase of the test, garnering the award as best Swiss private bank in the final round. After our 2017 triumph, this was the second time we came top; in 2019 we took second place.

Maerki Baumann - private bank - Zurich - Journal - July 2021


July 2021 - In this issue of our “Journal” we give you some insights into the rapidly evolving financial services industry – and into the structural change affecting private banking. What are the main drivers of this change? How does Maerki Baumann position itself as a private bank? And what are the implications for you as a client? It could be summed up like this: as a small, agile private bank, we are extremely well positioned when it comes to the digital transformation – an area in which the size of the company plays only a minor role. We focus on being ready to embrace innovation and, with our clients’ interests in mind, on shaping our own future as a business. And in doing so, we can look forward with optimism to what the future will bring.