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A crypto world?

A crypto world?

Blockchain, crypto, Bitcoin, DeFi, tokenisation... And who, or what, is Satoshi?

The new world of digital assets has given rise to so many pieces of terminology, and most of them are technical in nature. It is more than understandable that it’s not all that easy to find your footing in this field, get to grips with the material and use it for yourself in the best possible way. But don’t worry: you don’t need to become a crypto expert!

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Our certified specialists have years of expertise, which they’ve drawn on to create a handy booklet that explains the principles of the crypto economy. The short articles are intended to help sharpen your understanding and arouse your enthusiasm for the blockchain and everything that goes with it.

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Podcast: Digital assets - opportunities and risks

Have you already listened to our special finance talk, where we discuss the risks and opportunities associated with digital assets? Listen on Radio 1 now!

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If you have any further questions, we would be happy to help, whether in person, via telephone or electronically. Or would you prefer a brief 1:1 training session? We’re here to take away any uncertainty.