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  Time for us
to say thank you!
High quality and stable client relationships are our hallmarks. We would like to say thank you for this gratifying recognition of our performance, which reflects the honest and partnership-based cooperation we enjoy with our esteemed clients.
We endeavour to focus on the individual needs and preferences of our clients and the sustained development of their assets. After all, trust will always be the basis of any long-term partnership.
Trust has a future. We will vouch for that.
                                              IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: This publication is intended for infor- mation and marketing purposes only, and does not constitute invest- ment advice or a specific individual investment recommendation. It is not a sales prospectus and does not constitute a request or an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell investment instruments or investment services, or to engage in any other transaction. Maerki Baumann & Co. AG does not provide legal or tax advice. Investors are therefore advised to obtain in dependent legal or tax advice
concerning the suitability of such investments, since their tax treat- ment depends on the personal circumstances of the investor in question and is subject to change at any time.
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