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Maerki Baumann’s clients are showing growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Client advisors are increasingly being asked for information: What exactly are cryptocurrencies and do they fulfil their promise? How can I gain access to crypto- currencies? Does the recent turmoil in the mar- kets make investments inadvisable? Questions like these show that there is a great need for reliable information and advice on this emerging asset class.
Maerki Baumann was one of the first Swiss private banks to recognise the potential of cryptocurrencies and develop services relating to digital assets. As a first step, it established a service for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Later on, it supplemented this with trading and custody of digital assets. Now com- prehensive advice on investing in digital assets has been added. Thus Maerki Baumann is in the unique position of being able to take an inte- grated view of both traditional and digital assets, bringing together the best of the old and new worlds.
In providing investment advice, our client ad- visors – assisted by qualified specialists – draw up attractive investment recommendations that take due account of the context of a diversified portfolio.
Since the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies is challenging for many clients, we at Maerki Baumann are happy to share knowledge, re- move uncertainties and discuss the opportuni- ties and risks of this new asset class. The aim is to enable every client to form a soundly based opinion on the use of digital assets and crypto- currencies so they can take properly informed investment decisions.
Our offering
Get to know our services for private clients – so crypto doesn’t remain cryptic:
– Trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and exchanging them into common traditional currencies such as Swiss francs, euros and sterling
– Trading in “tokens” using the popular ERC-20 standard
– Trading in funds and structured products that have cryptocurrencies as their underlying assets
– Rapidandreliablebest-priceorderexecution
– Safe custody of digital assets in a personal “wallet” that meets the highest security standards
– Management and safe custody of digital and conven- tional assets as part of an integrated all-round solution
– Top-quality advisory services compliant with the Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA) and the European Un- ion’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).
– Personal discussions with certified and experienced crypto specialists
– Briefcustomisedtrainingsessions,dependingon individual needs
Have we aroused your interest? Please contact us. We will be happy to put our expertise at your service.
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Digital assets – everything
from a single source
Marcel Spalinger,
Member of Senior Management, Head Crypto Desk
Digital assets
  Please note that the crypto services described in this brochure can only be provided to clients domiciled in Germany to a limited extent at present; this is due to the national regulations that apply in this area. Our crypto offering here comprises trading, custody and investment advice in connection with certificates, funds and structured products based on digital assets.

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