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 Trust requires individuality.
As a modern Swiss private bank, we are flexible. Our services are personal, as well as being tailored to the individual client relationship. Using third-party products avoids conflicts of interest, enhances our credibility and enables us to see things strictly through the client’s eyes. Our investment solutions are modular – and are just as individual as our clients themselves.
Trust has a future.
Dear reader
A long time ago, business was all about “big fish eating little fish”. Then it was a question of “the early bird catching the worm”. But today, I would add: “digital outruns analogue”.
That, in a nutshell, is the situation in private banking. It is a long time since size was a rec- ipe for success in our sector. Indeed, in today’s dynamic environment, the agility and flexibility of smaller private banks like Maerki Baumann can be a decisive competitive advantage.
Our ability to rapidly adapt to new client needs, short decision-making lines, adjusting our busi- ness models on an ongoing basis, and tapping into the technological innovations of other companies can more than make up for our lack of economies of scale. I consider the relatively small size of our bank to be a key advantage.
On page 3, you can read how the transforma- tion of the financial sector is invigorating us. In the article starting on page 6, you can find out why we were one of the first Swiss private banks to develop a crypto strategy and how our clients benefit from it.
I hope you enjoy reading this edition. Best wishes
Dr Stephan A. Zwahlen
CEO Maerki Baumann & Co. AG

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