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Organisational chart
As at 1 April 2021
 Board of Directors: Hans G. Syz-Witmer (Chairman), Dr Carole Schmied-Syz (Vice-Chairwoman), Prof. Bruno Gehrig, Urs Lauffer, Michele Moor
Executive Board: Dr Stephan A. Zwahlen (CEO), Lukas S. Risi (Deputy CEO), Dr Alexander Ising
 Internal Audit
gwp Geissbühler Weber & Partner
      Private Banking
Lukas S. Risi
Deputy Reinhard Rutz
Maerki Baumann & Co. AG
Private Banking Switzerland
Reinhard Rutz
Private Banking Germany
Gerald Lulei
Crypto Desk
Marcel Spalinger
Lawyers & Fiduciaries
Gerald Lulei
Chief Investment Officer
Gérard Piasko
Investment Management
Konstantinos Ntefeloudis
External Asset Managers
Konstantinos Ntefeloudis
Simone Debrunner
Legal & Compliance
Andreas Fröhlicher
Finance & Risk Management
Armin Müller
Business Development
Sandro Stricker
Mortgages & Retirement Planning
Nils Ganz
IT & Digitalisation
Marco Müller
Operations Center
Markus Meili
Cash Desk & Reception
Cornelia Bossi
Eugen Hasler
* Member of the extended Executive Board
Human Resources
Annette Käppeli
 Indirect Real Estate
Rolf Frey*
Deputy Marc Wyss
Corporate Services
Dr Alexander Ising
Deputy Marco Müller

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