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Ownership and organisational structure
Maerki Baumann & Co. AG is a private bank and wholly owned subsidiary of Maerki Baumann Holding AG, of which the ownership structure is as follows:
Board of Directors
- CHSZ-Holding AG, Zurich - Hans G. Syz-Witmer
- Dr Carole Schmied-Syz
- Third-party shareholders
51.3% 21.8% 21.8%
Hans G. Syz-Witmer, Küsnacht, Chairman
Dr Carole Schmied-Syz, Erlenbach, Vice-Chairwoman Prof. Bruno Gehrig, Winterthur*
Urs Lauffer, Steinmaur*
Michele Moor, Lugano*
Audit Committee and Risk Committee**
Prof. Bruno Gehrig, Winterthur, Chairman* Michele Moor, Lugano*
Dr Carole Schmied-Syz, Erlenbach
* Independent members of the Board of Directors, as defined by the regulations of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).
** According to the current FINMA rules, the bank is not required to have either an Audit Committee or a Risk Committee.
The Board of Directors of Maerki Baumann Holding AG is comprised by Dr Carole Schmied-Syz (Chairwoman), Hans G. Syz-Witmer (Vice-Chairman) and Urs Lauffer. CHSZ-Holding AG is owned 50% each by Hans G. Syz- Witmer and Dr Carole Schmied-Syz. The Board
of Directors of CHSZ-Holding AG is comprised by Dr Christoph Reinhardt (Chairman), Hans G. Syz- Witmer, Dr Carole Schmied-Syz and Urs Lauffer.
As at 1 April 2021
 19 Maerki Baumann & Co. AG

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