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In 2020, we entered into a joint venture with Glo- balance Bank, a Swiss pioneer in the sphere of sustain- able investing. Together we have developed a new focus module, “Equities Global Impact”, which forms part of our innovative modular investment solution. This is a response to our clients’ desire to do something positive for the environment and society in addition to obtaining a financial return on their investment. Moving forward, we will be scrutinizing our investment process and align- ing it with future requirements.
Moreover, we will be further expanding our crypto ser- vices, thus building on the widely recognized pioneering role that we play in this area. Therefore, we are planning to develop more offerings in the area of cryptocurren- cies and digital assets. We remain convinced that the still young asset class of digital assets will become a firm staple of professional investment advice and asset management in the world of private banking in the future.
Our Swiss business is and will remain our core focus, and we are looking to expand further in our domes- tic market too this year. Furthermore, we are contin- uing our drive to exploit growth opportunities in Ger- many. We saw our efforts in this area rewarded by the “summa cum laude” rating given to us by the German editorial team of the Elite Report for the 13th time last
year. In addition to our proven traditional services, we are planning to expand our offering in the Family Office Services and Private Equity areas.
Be it in Switzerland or Germany, whether analogue or digital – we are taking every step with great optimism. After all, the coronavirus crisis has not only proved to be a true stress test for the digitalization of our business model, it has also brought the value of social contacts even more keenly into focus. This is a value we want to continue nurturing – in keeping with our slogan “trust has a future”.
On behalf of the Executive Board
Dr Stephan A. Zwahlen Chief Executive Officer
 14 Maerki Baumann & Co. AG

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