Here you will find an overview of the events of the
private bank Maerki Baumann & Co. AG.


Dress Rehearsal of “Vilde Frang – Shostakovich's 1st Violin Concerto”

“Orchestras are like people: each has its own personality”, says Rafael Payare. The conductor, who is coming up to his fortieth birthday, originally graduated from the Venezuelan El Sistema music-education programme. 5 February 2020 saw a sparkling performance that kicked off with Bartók’s suite “The Miraculous Mandarin”, followed by Shostakovich's first violin concerto, featuring the young soloist Vilde Frang from Norway. The concert finished with a performance of Dvořák’s 7th symphony.

Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, conducted by Rafael Payare, built a fascinating cathedral of sound - and an exceptional morning's entertainment - for our guests.


Prospects for 2020: A Global Outlook from the Swiss Viewpoint

Our Chief Investment Officer, Gérard Piasko, informed about current trends in the world economy and the markets, as well as the principal investment classes. Will the geopolitical imponderables gain importance in the market in 2020? We outlined the future prospects and provided answers on the main investment classes and market topics.

Reinhard Rutz, Head of Private Clients, explained how our Zurich-based private bank – as an independent, family-owned company – has provided long-term support for German clients in particular over several decades. His talk focused on our innovative modular investment approach, which delivers numerous benefits for our clients.


Tasting not Wasting

An extraordinary gourmet evening for the benefit of the Schweizer Tafel: The Baur au Lac and its top chefs prepare specialities from food, delivered on the day from the Schweizer Tafel. They will show us that excellent dishes can be prepared from products that have been sorted out of the trade. The funds of the evening will be donated to the Schweizer Tafel, which collects surplus, impeccable food and distributes it free of charge to 450 social institutions that care for people affected by poverty in Switzerland. It thus builds a bridge between abundance and deprivation.


Digitization and the art market: Is the future already visible?

What does the future of the art market look like? While other industries, such as music and publishing, are fundamentally changed by digitalisation, the art market, based on trust and expertise, seems to resist digital disruption longer. "Will digital technology make the art market more open," asked the New York Times half a year ago. The answer has not yet been forthcoming. Since 2019, Maerki Baumann has supported the Kunstforum Zürich with a grant, which promotes the revival and enrichment of Zurich as an art location through debates and conferences.


Economic and Market Perspectives

Our event «Economic and Market Perspectives» with our Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Gérard Piasko, will show you the important trends and developments for 2019. What will be crucial for the different asset classes? Where will volatilities increase? And why? We give you answers and perspectives on the important asset classes and market themes.


Paavo Järvi conducts Messiaen

Our event on the occasion of "Paavo Järvi conducts Messiaen" in the Tonhalle Maag offers you an unforgettable musical concert evening. Paavo Järvi is particularly committed to the music of Olivier Messiaen. He conducts two of his early works, which focus on mysticism and religion. In "Les offrandes oubliées" Messiaen deals with the mystery of the Eucharist in a "symphonic meditation", while with "Le tombeau resplendissant" he wanted to give the faithful of the 20th century "a kind of blessing". Beethoven raised expectations with his first symphony, which he subsequently more than fulfilled. Mozart, on the other hand, had nothing to prove when he wrote his last violin concerto in A major.


Blockchain – Cryptocurrencies – ICO – Quo vadis?

In our seminar we will give you an overview of the technology of the block chain (distributed ledger technology), its functionality and applications, especially those of virtual currencies. You will gain an insight into the classification of these developments in the existing law and the need for new rules. Furthermore, we would like to discuss with you the new financing form Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and its legal registration.


Perspectives 2018

Our event "Perspectives" with our new Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Gérard Piasko, covers not only the main trends in the global economy, but also in the markets themselves and the trends for the development of the major asset classes. We provide answers and perspectives for all major investment classes, equities, bonds, currencies and commodities.

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