“We're right in the middle”

“We're right in the middle”

On 30 January 2020 an article appeared in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung about the returns earned by investors in 2019. Zurich firm ZWEI Wealth, which brings transparency to performance, products and costs in the field of wealth management, analysed the results achieved by 85 banks and wealth managers. Maerki Baumann & Co. AG was among the companies to disclose its numbers — and scored well.

As a modern, family-owned private bank, we attach great importance to independence and security. To avoid conflicts of interest, we have no products of our own. Instead, we offer our clients individualized investment solutions fully tailored to their needs. Does this differentiate us from other banks and asset managers? Likely only to a limited extent.

Security over return
What makes us unique is our guiding principle of “Security over return”, which forms the basis of both our business strategy and our approach to investing. For us, therefore, it is not short-term success, but sustained growth of client assets that is paramount. “When in doubt, the objective of capital preservation takes precedence over maximizing returns”, confirms Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, Head of Investment Management and member of Maerki Baumann's senior management. “With active investment management encompassing investment themes, tactical asset allocation as well as choice of instruments and managers, we add value for our clients even in stormy times.”

Stability, stability, stability
We implement investment decisions strictly and consistently on the basis of a systematic, binding and transparent selection process together with disciplined risk management. “For example, we focus on quality companies with sustainable profitability and stable growth – what we call “defensive growth” securities”, Konstantino Ntefeloudis continues.

Appropriate diversification across several sectors and securities is used to minimize volatility and limit correlation with the market. Each portfolio also includes investments that try to take advantage of short-term opportunities in the market. As a result of this approach, the portfolios we manage generally show greater stability, for example in the event of a market correction. “We look for companies that act defensively when volatility rises but become active during a bull market”, Konstantinos Ntefeloudis explains.

Implementation of the investment strategy in client portfolios (example: equities)
Illustration: Implementation of the investment strategy in client portfolios (example: equities)


2019 performance comparison
The ZWEI Wealth analysis reveals that Maerki Baumann's investing skills generated solid returns in the 2019 financial year. In every profile (income, balanced, growth) and currency (Swiss franc, euro, US dollar) we lie somewhere between the middle ranks and the best performers in the market. This reaffirms our commitment to our guiding principle of “security over return” in managing the client assets entrusted to us. 

Are you interested in our results for the 2019 investment year? Get ZWEI Wealth's analysis of our private bank today.