Everything hinges on stability

Everything hinges on stability

One day, financial markets are surging upward, the next day they are on the cautious side, and then they plummet. For you as an investor it is really a challenge to keep up with these unpredict-able developments. What can you do? Is there a formula for investing your assets over the long term?

Our guiding principle is: “Security over return”. We manage our company as well as our investment activities on that basis. In other words, for us it is not short-term success, but sustained growth of client assets that is paramount. We also focus on high-quality companies with sustainable prof-itability and stable growth. Those are known as defensive growth stocks.

Our Head of Investment Management, Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, will explain in the following short video how you can structure your portfolio in just as stable a way as we manage our clients’ assets so that it can weather the stormy times. (video only available in German.)


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“Focus on high-quality companies with sustainable profitability and stable growth.”

Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, Head of Investment Management

Konstantinos Ntefeloudis

Konstantinos Ntefeloudis

Konstantinos Ntefeloudis has been in charge of Investment Management at our bank since 2019. He has many years of experience in the field of investment management, acquired at various pri-vate banks, including Falcon and Vontobel. On the investment side, he specializes, among other things, in the defensive growth investment approach and in the Swiss and German small and mid-caps sectors. Konstantinos Ntefeloudis holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Banking & Finance from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

Important legal information:

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Investors should note that past performance of an investment is no guarantee of future results, and that investments may increase or decrease in value, and the investor may be required to make additional payments for certain products. Moreover, investments denominated in foreign currencies are also subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which can affect their performance. The information in this video is in no way to be understood as an assurance of future performance. MBC does not provide any legal or tax advice. Before buying any of the financial instruments in this video, therefore, the investor must obtain independent legal or tax advice regarding the suitability of such investments, as tax treatment always depends on the personal circumstances and can change at any time. This video also covers a number of countries, which is why there is a risk that certain products may be suboptimal or even detrimental for an individual investor in terms of tax. Moreover, the information contained in this video on EU savings tax and transparency under German tax law may change at any time.

In accordance with the Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks, in the event of bankruptcy of any Swiss bank all safe custody assets (securities, precious metals, etc.) can be segregated and deposits, particularly bank accounts up to CHF 100,000, protected by the Agreement by Swiss Banks and Securities Dealers on Deposit Insurance.

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