Focus module “Private Equity”

Focus module “Private Equity”

Due to the high valuations of many traditional asset classes as well as the persistent low interest rate environment, alternative asset classes have increasingly become the focus of private clients and institutional investors. For some years, record volumes have been flowing into private markets around the world. Such investments present interesting potential in terms of returns and diversification. With the focus module “Private Equity”, Maerki Baumann is offering its qualifying clients access to the private equity asset class in cooperation with Partners Group, a globally leading manager of private market investments.

Access to an attractive private equity portfolio

The focus module “Private Equity”, in the Swiss franc reference currency, enables qualifying clients to invest in a broadly diversified private equity portfolio. It has been successfully managed by Partners Group, a globally leading manager of private market investments, for more than ten years and encompasses companies that are benefiting from transformative trends or are attractively valued in terms of their market potential.

Active portfolio management

The Partners Group product included in the focus module “Private Equity” facilitates promising cross-cyclical investments through active portfolio management and a combination of direct, primary and secondary investments. Specifically, investments that offer interesting opportunities at a given time are systematically overweighted. Crucially, as a responsible investor, Partners Group attaches great importance to sustainability.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Attractive return and diversification opportunity, especially in times of high traditional asset class valuations as well as low-yielding fixed-income investment instruments
  • Access to the proven investment expertise of Partners Group, a globally leading manager of private market investments
  • Broadly diversified, global private equity portfolio
  • Active portfolio management based on direct, primary and secondary investments
  • Focus on well performing companies with a defensive profile and market leadership

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to advise you personally on the new Private Equity focus module or on our innovative modular investment solution.

Christian Kappes

Christian Kappes

Member of Senior Management
Deputy Head Private Banking Switzerland