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Modular investment solution: a solid foundation for your personal decisions.

Modular investment solution

Made-to-measure investing

Maerki Baumann’s asset management with the modular investment solution makes it possible to create portfolios tailored to individual client needs in a straightforward way. 

It is in the consumer world that we are most familiar with personalized goods: Manufacturers give their customers the opportunity to add an individual note to their products. Be it cars, clothes, shoes and even food, the spectrum of bespoke products is now highly diverse and meet the most individual needs.

As individual as you

Maerki Baumann applies an investment solution that is wholly tailored to the individual needs of its clients. With its innovative approach, it has taken a major step towards the personalization of investment portfolios – thereby continuing its tradition of combining the tried-and-tested with the new. 

Flexibly combinable

The modular investment solution combines the benefits of professional asset management with personalized advice. It allows for specific, individual solutions to be developed for even complex client needs. How is this possible? Through the use of numerous investment building blocks – or modules – that can be flexibly combined in keeping with individual client preferences. During the selection process, these preferences can inform the choice of markets, asset classes and risk appetite. The modules selected can then be supplemented or switched over time, just as the client chooses.

“There are also simple solutions for complex investment needs.”

Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, Head Investment Management

The investment universe encompasses a number of basic modules but also numerous focus modules, which can be assembled in keeping with the building block principle. Once a personal risk profile has been created, the client chooses their basic module, consisting of “Liquidity”, “Bonds”, “Equities” and “Other” (e.g. precious metals). Depending on the identified risk profile, the bank then proposes the appropriate weighting of the individual asset classes

This basic module is then supplemented with focus modules according to the client’s preference, e.g. “Midcaps Switzerland”, “Equities Eurozone”, or “Commodities”. Clients decide on the number and weighting of focus modules in consultation with their client advisor. The lower the weighting of the basic module (which clients can even dispense with altogether), the higher the proportion of focus modules. Our clients benefit from an investment portfolio that is geared around their personal inclinations, can be flexibly adapted to changing parameters, and is professionally managed at all times. 

Building block principle

Maerki Baumann’s asset management with the modular investment solution is based on the building block principle. The investment strategy is replicated through various building blocks in the form of modules that can be flexibly combined. Our service offers a number of different benefits:


The modular investment solution currently consists of six basic modules and 12 focus models. The selection of modules is being continuously expanded to incorporate specific investment themes.


All modules are managed professionally by the private bank Maerki Baumann. The costs of each module are transparent and performance can be tracked at all times through e-banking. Clients have a say in the composition of their portfolios, and can remain involved in the investment process at all times if they so wish. Unlike with an investment fund, clients hold the securities (e.g. equities) contained in the modules in their safekeeping account, and can therefore exercise all associated shareholder rights.


To illustrate this investment concept, Maerki Baumann has added a configurator to its website. Interested parties can use this to draw up a personal investment strategy, which is then sent to them by email. This is followed by a personal consultation aimed at identifying client wishes, with a detailed investment proposal being drawn up on this basis. Client advisors have access to a state-of-the-art advisory app for this purpose.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive advice from your client advisor and additional specialists
  • Customised investment strategy
  • Ongoing, system-based monitoring of portfolio
  • Flexible adjustment of investment strategy at any time
  • Transparent pricing model and reporting
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The focus modules

Asset management with the modular investment solution from Maerki Baumann works according to the building block principle: Your investment strategy is replicated through various building blocks (so-called basic and focus modules), which can be flexibly combined with each other.

Learn more about our focus modules.

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