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Do you understand the dynamic world of crypto?

Roger Sharma, Senior Client Advisor Crypto Desk

Take the crypto test

Take the crypto test

Do you find that you still do not properly understand the world of crypto? We will help you find out more!

A fun way to brush up your knowledge

Our specialists at the Crypto Desk have been tracking down the buzzwords that are currently being bandied about in the dynamic world of crypto: Initial Coin Offering, DeFi, crypto wallet, Bitcoin halving, altcoins, nonce, IOTA – to mention just a few.

Are you new to the field? Maybe you feel at home in it already? Or perhaps you are already one of the experts? The games below will test your knowledge and gradually add to it.

Here is how it works

Choose the degree of difficulty. Click on the tiles, click on the keyword that appears – and then you can start building up your knowledge.

The keywords and their links are regularly checked and updated.

Disclaimer: The above games have links to external websites. Maerki Baumann disclaims all liability for the correctness of this content. No claims may be asserted against Maerki Baumann on this basis.

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We would of course be glad to take some time to answer your questions on this dynamic new asset class and to advise you on how to take advantage of it. We look forward to receiving your enquiries and to having a personal talk with you.