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MBC_1203_016.jpgMaerki Baumann & Co. AG is an innovative, family‑owned private bank with a strong banking tradition. Its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland. We are active in private banking and concentrate fully on our core business of investment advisory and asset management. Our very solid capital base, commitment to transparency and decision not to develop or sell products of our own assure clients a high level of independence and security. We earn the trust of our private and institutional clients by focusing our business activities on their needs. The same is true of the services we provide external asset managers.

Services for our clients

Our relationships with clients are based on professionalism and partnership. Our services are oriented on the individual requirements and personal preferences of clients across all segments:

  • Private clients
  • External asset managers
  • Indirect real estate investments


What makes us special

Our bank offers a high level of independence and security, consistent service orientation as well as broadly based competences, and this allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors:

  • Independent, family‑owned bank
  • Personalised client advising
  • Individual investment solutions
  • Security
  • Innovative business model



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Elite Report: summa cum laude

Maerki Baumann & Co. AG achieved the highest distinction of ʺsumma cum laudeʺ in the Elite Report. Maerki Baumann & Co. AG succeeded in re-affirming its leading position among the top banks in Europe's German-speaking countries

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Institut für Vermögensaufbau

Maerki Baumann & Co. AG has been awarded its top quality seal to the investment solutions of the bank. The top quality seal certifies that the portfolios of Maerki Baumann & Co. AG are suited for long-term asset growth and protection of capital.

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  • News

    The correction that never came

    15.03.2017 - 

    "The correction that never came" would be a good description for the phase currently unfolding in equity markets. We remain wary in this respect – a correction to equity markets typically results from disappointed expectations (which have been ratcheted right up in recent months) or an unforeseen event. What's more, the level of optimism evident in markets has risen further in recent weeks, which suggests that the elastic band is being stretched even further, to use an obvious analogy.

    Author: Daniel Egger, Chief Investment Officer / Medium: Investment Policy


  • News

    Swiss real estate market - never-ending price rises?

    06.03.2017 - 

    Rising vacancy rates for rental apartments and decreasing migration to Switzerland amid persistently brisk construction activity and an uncertain outlook for interest rates: the Swiss real estate market is continuing to experience a boom phase despite these negative factors impacting demand for real estate. The current issue of Investment Theme sheds light on the price developments in the Swiss real estate market in 2016 and offers advice as to what buyers and sellers of real estate should focus on in the current environment.

    Author: Markus Staffelbach, Head Mortgages & Pension Planning / Medium: Investment Theme


  • News

    La Peine

    01.03.2017 - 

    Will the election of Marine Le Pen for French president trigger investors’ sorrows? How big are her chances to win? Or may there be bigger risks for the European project elsewhere?

    Author: Daniel Egger, Chief Investment Officer / Medium: Investment Comment


  • News

    An unloved bull market

    15.02.2017 - 

    "The most unloved bull market of all time" – as some market observers describe the current situation, given the persistent scepticism of the investment community – continues its upward march. The maximum price reversal recorded by the MSCI World Equity Index since the start of November has been less than 2%: This would suggest that investors are taking even the slightest opportunity to buy equities on any market weakness. That said, current sentiment must now be viewed as excessively optimistic in the short term. In other words, we would now be more in favour of scaling down equity exposure a little rather than ramping it up further.

    Author: Daniel Egger, Chief Investment Officer / Medium: Investment Policy



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